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Tempting Feight

Tempting Feight (48-Hour Film - Halloween Comedy - Charlotte, NC)
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A coterie of compatriots with confusing connections' Halloween party goes awry in light of a curious artifact.

Mean Bean Comedy's Tempting Feight was made for the 2022 Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project (#2022CLT48). Filmed in Greensboro, NC on a Blackmagic Pocketcam 6k Pro.
BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS - Citizen Studios Filmsgiving - 2022 Tempting Feight Mean Bean Comedy
Tempting Feight 48 hour film halloween short mean bean comedy poster2.jpg
Alex Bradford Cobb Headshot.jpg
Alex Bradford Cobb

Beauregard/Anthony/Robert/Jacob, Director, Writer

Melanie Lech Actress Headshot 2022.jpg
Melanie Lech

Catalonia/Melvinette/Roberta/Jessie, Producer, Writer, Editor, VFX

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