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Dog Daze Short Film Appalachian 36 Hour



Okay... 36 Hour-ish.


This film is so old, we weren't even "Mean Bean Comedy" yet! Nor "Mean Bean Productions!" We were "Party Tardy Productions," and we lived up to our name. Meaning we were late. BUT all of this was written and shot (and partially edited) within 36 hours. And we had 2 animal actors on set. Amateurs, really!


Why we thought it was a good idea to write a story for a timed contest that involved 2 dog actors (and a rodent cage), we cannot say, but we can report our conclusion: DO NOT REPEAT!!

Dog Daze (36 Hour Film Festival)

Dog Daze (36 Hour Film Festival)

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Dog Daze was made for the 2016 Appalachian 36 Hour Film Festival.


November 11th 2016.

Required Elements:


Character: Lee/Lea, who just gave blood

Prop: Mirror

Line of Dialogue: "Yeah, I've got nothing."

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Alex Cobb 2016.jpg
Alex Bradford Cobb

Director, Writer, "Charlie," Editor

Melanie LEch 2016.jpg
Melanie Lech

Writer, Assistant Director,  "Molly," Editor

Caleb Butler.jpg
Caleb Butler

DP, Gaffer

Special thanks to Kailie Price & Buddy, Hayden Whitman, Holden Ingold & Dewey, and Susanna Minor.
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