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What would you do if everything you loved was on the line and one chair was holding you back?

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A woman wakes up, tied to a chair in a basement, with three men standing in front of her. What happens next may surprise you, unless you've already seen the movie and are just rewatching it to marvel at the colours and shots and audio quality.
This story has thrills, spills, and dills (pickles, that is!) and a message that will touch your heart and maybe some other places! (We've tried to tell the message to respect boundaries, but he's a bit... Friendly. And handsy.)

If you'd like your eyes to stay dry, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!! If you'd like your pants to stay dry, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!
If you want to experience the soaring highs and crushing lows of our humanity, well... Stop reading this and watch the damned movie.  

Filmed in front of a live studio audience on the Nikon Coolpix 650.
Lupy (100 Words Film)
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Lupy was made using 100 spoken words.


(Except for music lyrics.) The 100 Words Film Festival (which Lupy was originally intended for, but we missed the deadline (who is surprised?)) challenges filmmakers to create short films that focus on visual storytelling over dialogue. 

We are so grateful to our amazing crew who brought their time and talent to this project even though we brought off-brand snacks. Special thanks to Betty and Barry Ritchie.

Never miss out on our exquisite films, sketches, satire articles, comics, or HATEMAIL!!! again. ⬇️
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