There are a lot of phony acting schools and conniving scams out there looking to separate you from your dollar. But who can you really trust?  US.


Over the course of the semester, you'll learn skills like confidence, pride, fortitude, self-reliance, self-confidence, belief in oneself, faith in oneself, assertiveness, and what the French call confiancé.


The value of this program has been estimated by top psychologists to be worth over $1,079.18, but for a limited time, we're offering it to Mean Bean Times subscribers for FREE*.


We look forward to teaching you all we've learned in our extensive career as aspiring actors so that you, too, may find success in this field.


*Warning, prices are subject to change at any time without warning and you WILL be charged immediately. By not immediately calling the police upon reading this, you have implicitly agreed to the Terms and Conditions.