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Dark Comedy, Social Media/Influencer (PG)

Reluctant pawns in a dubiously legal business find the bright side of it. 


Popped was created for the 2023 Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project. The 48 Hour Film Project takes place in cities around the globe and facilitates time-sensitive content creation involving a city-wide required prop, character, and line of dialogue as well as a unique-to-each-team genre or set of genres—all within 48 hours. #2023CLT48

The film was produced, shot, and edited by a two-person crew with original compositions by Eversol the band. Starring Alex Bradford Cobb, writer/director Melanie Lech, and Wayne Heiser.

Required Elements:

Character: Jake or Jenny Schoolman, club president

Prop: Grapes

Line of Dialogue: "Ask her. She's the expert.”

Genre: Dark Comedy, Social Media/Influencer

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POPPED (48 Hour Film - Charlotte, NC)
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