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  • Melanie Lech

Actress Requests No Retouching of Bat in the Cave

S. Carrie Pitts made headlines last week as she posed with her nostrils baring all in a photo spread for Vanity Fair.

"This is the real me," she said. "Bats in the cave are natural and we shouldn't be ashamed of them."

"Our body produces snot, and when it comes into contact with air, it dries up and gets all crusty. Especially when we have busy lives, we don't have time to keep up with every aspect of our appearance 24/7."

"I'm not going to blow my nose to impress a man," Pitts declared.

The photo set is part of a larger series by Vanity Fair showcasing natural beauty.

Other spreads featured include dandruff, hangnails, and aggressive split ends.

Vanity Fair has gone through seven photographers so far to complete the series for some reason.

Pitts has faced tremendous backlash on the series in the form of misogynistic homophobic xenophobic transphobic religious extremist lactose intolerant comments that hissed and cursed, "ew 🤢," "To each their own... but I pride myself on personal hygiene," and "Kleenex is liek $2."

Despite the controversy, Pitts signed a deal with Estee Lauder's fragrance division to star in a YouTube pre-roll ad where she frolics in the ocean and farts in the salt water.

When asked why he participated in the shoot, the photographer answered, "I'm bored."

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