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Due to Unfortunate Typo, Pollen Farrell Wins Most Hated Celebrity

Thank you, Nasonext! In an unfortunate blunder, once-beloved Irish actor Colin Farrell's nomination for best celebrity was submitted as "Pollen Farrell" to disastrous ends.

The intern's eyes were so red and itchy that he misspelled "Colin" as "Collard" and his phone autocorrected it to "Pollen." But the blame can't solely be placed on him, as the announcer was so congested that even if it was spelled right, she would have pronounced it wrong.

When the sneezy voting body heard the name, they unanimously agreed to convict Farrell. A few members abstained as they were unconscious from Benadryl.

Typos are on the rise in American advertising, literature, and society not just as a result of declining literacy rates, but also as a result of increasing phlegm-itchy rates.

Farrell's prize was an all-expenses-paid trip to an Airbnb in Newark, New Jersey.

The winner for worst song was Tom Fetty's Free Pollen with runner-up Dust in the Wind by Kansas.

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