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Hall of Fame: Harper Turek

I know only one thing, and that is that I know nothing. Oh, and that it takes 8.3 minutes for the sun’s light to reach Earth. But those are the only two things, I swear!

The not-a-joke part: Harper Turek passed away in August of 2021. His impact on our comedy will not be forgotten. He was a remarkable thinker and could make you laugh at ANYTHING. He offered truly fresh, delightfully unexpected perspectives. We love and miss you, buddy. One of the greatest, most genuinely funny comics we have ever known. We were lucky to call you friend. #Turker2021


Got a problem? Think we aren’t a REAL news site like the “National Enquirer,” which STOLE our name? Think we’re just some satire/comedy writers from Charlotte, NC making some JOKE of a site like a lesser-known The Onion, Clickhole, or AboveAverage? Think we don’t FACT CHECK?? Well, you thought wrong.

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