What are you willing to do to find your road?


This film was written, shot, and partially edited in 48 hours, and then completed after 48 hours, so, technically, we didn’t actually compete.  But who’s counting?!  Not us, as our entry fee turned from a guns-blazin’ gamble into a charitable donation to other local filmmakers...  While you guys were focused on winning, we were focused on something equally legendary: failing with style.

Roademption was made for the August 2018 Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project.


The 48 Hour Film Project takes place in cities around the globe and facilitates time-sensitive content creation involving a city-wide required prop, character, and line of dialogue as well as a unique-to-each-team genre or set of genres—all within 48 hours.

Required Elements:

Character: Frank or Frida Lapidus, foreign exchange student

Prop: Trash Can

Line of Dialogue: "Do you want to try?"

Genre: Martial Arts or Road Movie

Raodemption Mean Bean (1)
Roademption Film.00_06_13_14.Still052
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General Screening - Jim Mack
Via Mike Lamb
Genre (2)
Via Jim Mack McGee (3)
Roademption Filming (28)
Alex Bradford Cobb

Writer, Director, "Codgy Old Bastard," Editing Assistant

Andrew Kucmierz

"Ned," Editing Assistant

Melanie Lech

"Rina," Writer, Editor

We'd like to send out a special thanks to Nathan Aaron Dowdy for letting us use his home over the project weekend (and subsequently to his roommates for dealing with us).

We would also like to send out a LESS special thanks to our amazing cast and crew for being a part of this project both in the flesh and across the country remotely over the weekend and beyond (including Mollie Bradford!).  Roademption is one of the nicest looking short films we’ve thrown together, all thanks to their contributions.

You can catch some behind the scenes from that year's festival in Jim Mack McGee's documentary, 2 Days to Cannes.


Though our film was LATE and thus ineligible for judging, Roademption was screened at the General Screening event August 25th, 2018.  Woot woot!

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