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Ever felt trapped? Ever wondered, "How can I get out of this sunken place?" "How can I get out of this Station Wagon I've accidentally locked myself in?" Well, you're not alone.


Watch this short film (less than nine minutes!!) and experience the joyful feeling of knowing you're among kindred spirits. All your station wagon-related comedy can be found within. Get ready to laugh, get ready to cry, and get ready to FEEL.

Stationary Short Film Acceptance 2.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Beaufort Film Festival - 2021.png
STATIONARY (48 Hour Film - Greensboro, NC)
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Our 1st 48 hour flick of the summer, with executive producer Juli Emmons/Take 26 Productions, for the June 2019 Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project, was Stationary.


The 48 Hour Film Project takes place in cities around the globe and facilitates time-sensitive content creation involving a city-wide required prop, character, and line of dialogue as well as a unique-to-each-team genre or set of genres—all within 48 hours.


We could not be more grateful for our team (well, we probably could, but Edible Arrangement bouquets are VERY pricey) and to Juli for making this film possible.  We had a software crash at the last minute that disqualified us from the judging process, but we are so proud of the short that came out of it even if we didn't get a trophy or lots of b*tches and h*es.  THANK YOU to our awesome team, and special thanks to Sunny Gravely of The Artist Bloc LLC and Arthur.

Required Elements:


Character: Nathan or Nancy Thomas, writer

Prop: Wallet

Line of Dialogue: "Aren't you precious?"

Genre: Road Movie or Thriller/Suspense

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