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Leprechaun Hard – 3’5” Kings (Official Music Video) ♣♧
OMG you guys – I turned on my computer this morning and I found this. It’s a St. Patrick’s Day miracle! I believe leprechauns are real, and I don’t care what the media, or the government, or my psychiatrist thinks. And if you have a problem with that, we CAN’T be friends (maybe acquaintances though). — — — — — — — — St. Paddy's Day Drinks with Huey: — — — — — — — — Lyrics: Lepre-commies on the left and the right Wanna take my gold but Imma put up a fight Irish soda bread? More like Irish soda dead Take three shots, put ‘em all in ya head I pledge allegiance to the green, white, & red You should see my lucky charms (They’re after me Lucky Charms!) This one goes out to my main man Huey, Light on his feet, straight-floating like a buoy. Mix drinks so thick I need a stirring stick, And if you give him a trick you gon get this BIC! It's not a strongly worded letter but an incantation, Did you forget magic's legit, and it’s sensational? Lotta haters, choke on my taters, They just snap their jaws nonstop like they're gators, Reptiles kill you? Not in Ireland, The reason for the season is they were excised by him, So I'm free to be me and do what I do, Safe from a snake but I'm still gonna bite you. Ginger to unsettle your stomach On the Cliffs of Moher with a rain check And a cauldron of gold as my paycheck I’ll bet against your soul 'Cause even in a trainwreck With my eyes closed like Bramblitt And Peaky Blinders, I’ll knock you down like dry world records And Irish cream in my milkshake Brings all the brogues to the yard. La la la la la Snub a scrubber b—, don’t let yams in I respect women, that’s a hoetato famine. I said black leprechaun and you already know That I’m comin for the gold where it’s at rainbow BOYGBIV gives me joy gee whiz Oh boy he is that joyful kid Said, I wish I was Irish So I can get drunk Til my eyelids slump Then my bald fist rises Everybody fightin Til we sober up, high-fivin Stack Euros as I'm dealing, Got a fresh deLORean I'm wheeling, Beat it up "oogachackah" Like I'm hooked on a feeling, Lyrical skills cranked up to the maxes, I'm counting all my money on the triple beam Axis. Gotta move on, ya gotta move on, Gotta keep the dance going as a leprechaun, We call our people Seamus instead of Sean, And if you try to step at me you'll be lepregone I'm the Head Jigga from west to east And if you gotta problem you gon catch this peace/piece✌🏻 I'll have half a chicken leg and half a roll with yeast Throw half a tater in and I call that a feast! I only need 60 calories to live, So if the world goes down not a s— I'd give, Shiv you to the spleen, keep the cuts clean, Cuz I'm mean and a killing machine, Mean bean fresh on the scene, To see the unseen. I like em cuz their logo's green, And they value sunscreen. Speak short and carry a tall stick, I’m serial My name’s in lights on your breakfast cereal Leprecomms are up, ratty tatty back to Patty With my spy tech SPF laser razor taser gatty Yeah I’m twisted, yeah I’m mischief, the degenerate fairy Dairy airy, the con in leprechaun Give you a swirly then I’m gone Boogieman can’t match my brawn So slick, can’t clean me with Dawn Nothing on, my lepre-conscience Whiskey, Cheese, Buckles on my Jordans, Liam Neeson, Kenneth Branaugh, Cabbage I won’t eat carbs–too much saddlebaggage Lehuoydeeduoydeeduoydeeduoy (They’re after me Lucky Charms!) Once upon a time a long time ago A leprechaun had a strong armor hold Kicked down his rainbow then he took his gold Took his lucky charms then he licked the bowl Then he went down to the liquor store Got some Proper Twelve then he hit the door Hit a couple pubs then he hit some more Only leaf clover that I pick is four I sang my song, and I danced my jig, Though I may look small, the rap career has been big Figure it out, the shamrock stays loud, Following the rainbow by that fluffy white cloud, Now listen now it's what it's all about, And if you didn't know then you boutta find out, Before we drop this track and half a million gets sold, Just know you'll never touch my f—in pot of gold. Call me leprechaun but I’m not a sick trickster This the last thing you hear before you’re 1v1-ed in the deep wildy Nobody knows the trouble I’ve been through, nobody knows my song! And nobody ever will if you keep putting the recorder in it It’s a pennywhistle! 70 SPF, that’s still a burn ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 💻 All web/social links: ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ @MeanBeanComedy — — — — — — — — Qtominated beats ♣♧ Leprechaun Hard - 3'5" Kings ♣♧ feat Alex Bradford Cobb (Elkanah), Melanie Lech (Lil’ Stinker), and Plymouth Jones (PJ Barnes) comedy st patrick's day st paddy's day rap
Lupy (100 Words Film)
What would you do if everything you loved was on the line and one chair was holding you back? A 100 Words Film (mostly... 100 spoken words except for music lyrics). — — — — — — — — 💻 All web/social links: ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ✉ Subscribe to our newsletter: ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ @MeanBeanProductions @MeanBeanProd @MeanBeanComedy — — — — — — — — Cast & Crew: Alex Bradford Cobb @cobbservations Melanie Lech @wafflechick Jim Mack McGee Jason Rivers Sunny Patel Patrick Roth Trey Riley Aedan Coughlin Benjamin Lee Jessica Hatfield Special thanks to Betty & Barry Ritchie. Shot in 2018 & possibly 2019. Tags: 100 Words Film Festival, Mean Bean Comedy, Mean Bean Productions, comedy videos, sketch comedy, underrated youtubers, comedy sketches, dogs, escape room, escape house, kidnapped, kidnapping movie, movie about a kidnapping, short film, independent movie, indie film, comedic short film, comedy short, action comedy, action movie, action flick, action comedy movie, comedy action movie, suspenseful movies, movies with twist endings, unusual movies, weird movies, mean Bean comedy, latest short films, chairs, special chair, duct tape, machete movie, underrated short films, underrated movies, best movies, best comedy movies, best action movies, no budget special effects , low budget vfx
O Little Pound of BethleHam (Parody)
Thanks to the wacky birdbrained Mayor Tom Foolery D.D.S. pardoning every Christmas Turkey, Christmas Goose, and Christmas Pheasant in town, Maya is on her last straw. Actually, that's due to the banning of plastic straws. But she's really worried she won't have any Big Salty Christmas Meat™ coming in her Christmas stocking. All she has is a Ham... A Ham on the Lam. Lyrics: O little pound of BethleHam Where did you go to hide? I was in a deep & dreamless sleep I thought you were by my side Yet when mine eyes hath opened I see no ham in sight The greatest fear of all my years Is a hamless Christmastime For five years, three months, and 12 days I’ve eaten Ham at home Without my meat, I’m lonely I don’t want to go to Lowe’s If I can find my ham I’ll give my money to church Oh wait I think I see your rump Sticking out o’er near the hearth What’s happening to the music? Wh–where’d the ham go?? [The Ham:] Yeah! I’m the ham! I'm the ham with the plan don't understand let me explan I'm the answer to your prayers that you've been praying in your head I heard your song, I hated it, you have a god-awful voice Like you've been scarfing only honey-baked ham by choice I don't want to be mistaken, even before you eat me I'm the shit I'm a bloodthirsty monster and I haven't even been bit You can't change me, you can't phase me, I'm at 100% And my casing is aluminum, you can't even make a dent I'm a naughty little piggie, I've been eating all your snacks A ham munching bacon, you gotta problem with that? Now buy me some new yummy yummy tummy-filling treats Or I'm calling PETA on the phone and say you're threatening me I'm American as can be, I don't need no Uncle Sam And if you think that’s blasphemous, do you think I give a Ham? Don't got vitamins and minerals all I have is meat and fat I'm enriched for your pleasure (they got rid of all of that) The grinch stole christmas, I stole the grinch guy I gave him the two left fistsmas, two smashed-up black eyes Take him back to my pig sty, bake him into a rib eye Ripped his heart out and ate it, that thing was two sizes Smaller than my Ham-Dick, bitches wanna get sick Just undercook my ass and I'll send you hurling real quick With parasites, and E. Coli If you don't die, I'll give you my Salmonella, black and yellow, sodium benzoate, fella Honey-glazed, getting blazed I got skills for days that will amaze Hear what I says? I'll show you my ways Like twinkling North star, but brighter and less gay! You don't deserve to shine my cloven hoof, much less eat my meat I hate you from the top of your bulbous head, to your stinky feet I don't even need to spit these raps, I just do it for fun I think it's ‘bout time to stick a pork in you, you're done I'm a staple in this game, no one can top your boy da pig So sit yo fatass down, and watch me do this fancy jig If beef's for dinner, I'm in 2nd place Now wipe that pork mustache off your ugly-ass face Gat-Ham! I just went off on this "ma'am" If you give me any sass I'll put your ass in a can of spam There is no Christmas season, without your porkly mate So as far as I'm concerned, Baby J can self-immolate He couldn't handle three days dead, and it's been a week And I'm not slowing down, better yet picking up speed No force in heaven, hell, or earth can defeat me From this day forward, you'll call that thing a me-tree I'm a chunk of dead meat, I don't care about your rules Your religions mean nothing to me, they're mere tools To control you and oppress you, and make you do what you do Not even Jesus Christ can touch me... Because he was a Jew! — — — — — — — — Instrumental: Beat: — — — — — — — — 💻 All web/social links: ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Satire articles & comics: ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ @MeanBeanComedy @MeanBeanProductions — — — — — — — — O Little Pound of BethleHam (Parody): A Mean Bean Comedy Production by Alex Cobb and Melanie Lech Christmas 2020-2021 Tags: O Little Town of Bethleham parody,spoof,O Little Town of Bethleham 2021,parody,parody music,christmas parody,christmas parody songs,original christmas song,new christmas songs 2021,christmas music 2021,christmas 2k21,o little town of bethlehem karaoke instrumental,o little town of bethlehem parody,mean bean comedy,mean bean music,ham rap, rap about ham,funny christmas parodies,weird al,charlotte comedy PG-13 for language & a blasphemous ham
Spandex-Girl (Full Miniseries)
When Cherry Basinger is dealt an unusual hand by the Quasar Supers program, she struggles to discern what looks right from what is right and how she fits into all of it. Heroes come in all shapewear and sizes. Spandex-Girl brought home the bronze and another cash prize in @therizzleapp’s R-Series Originals: Mission Superhero contest! 😎 🏆 🥉 The streak continues! Special thanks to @plymouthjones of @screwuptv ( AKA our news anchor in episode 6 on his additional prize win! His series, “The Fork,” was a true piece of art--check it out. — — — — — — — — 💻 All web/social links: ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ✉ Subscribe to our newsletter: ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ @MeanBeanProductions @MeanBeanProd @MeanBeanComedy — — — — — — — — Tags: original content web series webseries original series miniseries mini series charlotte comedy charlotte film funny youtubers funny youtube videos funny original series funny superpowers superhero quarantine memes lockdown shutdown covid19 coronavirus memes short film comedic goofy bored during quarantine boredom pandemic quarantine creativity quarantine days female superhero outfits spandex spanx parody spoof #spandexgirl #miniseries #thirdprize #quarantinedays #quarantine #shutdown #lockdown #covid19 #coronavirus #superhero #superpowers #originalseries #originalcontent #webseries #funnyvideos #quarantinememes #charlottefilm #clt #charlottecomedy #charlottenc #marvel #dc #heroes #meanbeanproductions Shot on iPhone 11 (unfortunately lol) / Rizzle app Featuring Melanie Lech as Cherry Basinger/Spandex-Girl and Alex Bradford Cobb as the Scientist. Written by Melanie Lech (except for that epilogue in signature Cobb style).
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